“He made the world bigger – and smaller – at the same time.” –Diggidy on reddit

Well, I’m of course at a loss for words.

My first hope was that he had an opportunity to read his upcoming biography. I saw a comment that he didn’t ask for an advance copy and wonder if he even wanted to read it.

“It’s all about what happens tomorrow. Because you can’t look back and say, well, gosh, you know, I wish I hadn’t have gotten fired, I wish I was there, I wish this, I wish that. It doesn’t matter. And so let’s go invent tomorrow rather than worrying about what happened yesterday.” –Steve Jobs, 2007 at All Things D

Would I want to read my own biography? It would start out boring and then it would end. It seems selfish and greedy to ask for one more thing, but now I want to use his departure as a motivational force to accomplish something worth writing about.

He sure seemed to live without regret. I hope that was true and I’ll hope that anyone he inspires can strive for the same.


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